A bot from KRUK, or your own virtual advisor. How can it help you?

A bot from KRUK, or your own virtual advisor. How can it help you?

New technologies surround us from all sides and their development has become an indispensable part of human life. Our company has progressed too, which is best exemplified by the innovative contact method which from now on can be used by all our clients.

The bot named e-Milia is a completely innovative form of communication, allowing you to quickly and efficiently obtain the key information about your affairs. These include details of current payments, your balance and even upcoming payment dates.

All you have to do is call us - your call is likely to be answered by a bot!

How does our bot work?

The whole technology is based on so-called NLP, or natural language processing. With its use, the bot is not only able to comprehend, but also to process and respond to what you say to it.

In its memory it stores several hundred variants of answers and actions, which it selects depending on what you want to accomplish with its help.

The bot acts as a virtual advisor, is available around the clock and can handle an unlimited number of clients at the same time. It works with incoming calls, which means that when you call our company, in some situations it is the bot that may pick up your call.

As in the case of a traditional phone call, the bot first verifies the person it is talking to and then helps with the most crucial issues.

What information can it provide you with?

In its current form, contact with our bot will allow you to obtain data such as:

  • payment confirmation - during the conversation, you will be able to confirm the successful payment of your debt.
  • balance inquiry - at your request, it will check the status of your current liabilities.
  • payment term - if you have an installment agreement, the bot will allow you to obtain information on the dates of coming payments.

If, during the conversation, you have questions which the bot is unable to answer, the call will be forwarded to the consultant. He'll take over and give you all the necessary information.

Is that all?

We are constantly working to make the process of contacting our company faster, more efficient and comfortable. We are constantly improving and expanding the solutions we provide. Therefore, you can expect new possibilities offered by our e-Milia bot soon.

Your benefits

  • You can reach us quickly.

From now on, all the most important information will be available in a few moments, without waiting for the connection.

  • You will be able to contact us at any time.

You decide what time to talk is most convenient for you. Early in the morning, late in the evening, or maybe contact on weekends or holidays? Our bot is always happy to answer your questions!

  • You will receive the help of an individual consultant.

Should more complicated questions arise, your case will be handled by our advisor.

See how convenient it is to contact our bot.

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